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You've seen it on TV. Gator-Grip fits virtually anything that isn't round: hex nuts and bolts from 1/4" to 3/4" (7-19mm), eyebolts up to 2"... wing nuts, square nuts, broken nuts and hooks. See the video here


Use Gator-Grip around the home, on boats, RVs, cars, motorcycles and bikes. Gator-Grip is fast.


Just press it on and turn. It works great with power tools. It's the one tool that everyone can use.


Gator-Grip works great on rusted fasteners and on bolts with damaged heads. The power drill adapter connects Gator-Grip to power drills and screwdrivers for high speed driving of nuts, lag bolts and more.

Now Gator-Grip Gate Key, our new 3" heavy duty socket, is available for larger nuts, bolts and especially valve nuts. It is perfect for the Water, Gas utility companies as well as for oil rigs  that are dealing with old, damaged, rounded off underground valves. Gator-Grip Gate Key can turn what standard gatekeys cannot.


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